Sustainability Policy

Updated September 2021

At Parrish Digital, we are committed to operating sustainably and minimizing our environmental impact as a company. We are consistently seeking ways that we can minimize waste production, energy usage and carbon emissions as well as to promote environmental responsibility throughout our business community. Below are some of our current initiatives intended to help us meet these goals:

Energy Efficiency

  • Prioritizing energy efficiency in all equipment purchases
  • Utilizing energy-saving features on technology equipment
  • LED lighting used in our workspaces

Waste Reduction

  • Paperless billing
  • Minimal paper usage in office workflow
  • Recycling of nearly all office waste

Carbon-Neutral Practices

  • Minimizing commuting and travel, prioritizing virtual meetings and remote work whenever possible
  • Prioritizing vendors who actively pursue environmentally responsible business practices
  • Quarterly carbon offset purchases adjusted for operational scale

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability efforts or to request a copy of our latest carbon offset certificate, please email for more information.