Parrish Digital's Next-Generation Web Platform

In the summer of 2020, we began research and development on what would become our newest web platform, focusing on a number of issues that we have seen businesses facing time and time again. What we've built addresses all of these and gives our customers access to web tools that are typically available only to massive companies with a dedicated IT staff. Welcome to NovaBeam.


Many small- to medium-sized businesses' websites are built on a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal, which has to do all of its data processing on-the-fly when visitors access each page. This takes time with every page load, and with the growing number of third-party plugins and themes needed to make these sites work, the amount of data required to display a page has increased dramatically, slowing things down even more. This leads to frustrated customers and lost sales.

Our new platform does all of the processing before deployment, meaning your website loads instantly and won't be slowed down no matter how much traffic you get. In our testing, we were able to load pages in 6% of the time that it took an identical page to load from WordPress.

Optimized for Mobile

We started focusing on mobile-friendly websites nearly a decade ago, when mobile compatibility was seen as an afterthought. Unfortunately, we've found that many web developers still see it that way and don't know how to build websites that work just as well on phones and tablets as they do on a notebook or desktop computer.

Our sites are built in the opposite way, starting with a solid mobile experience and near-obsessive attention to detail. From there, we build on that foundation and enhance the layout to make the best use of larger screens. We also painstakingly trim out unneeded code to ensure that your site loads quickly, even on slower mobile data connections.


Since all of the processing is done prior to deployment, our sites aren't susceptible to the same coding bugs and errors that can often crop up with a traditional website. And since there are no plugins or themes, there is never any maintenance or software updates to keep up with. It just works.


An added benefit to pre-rendering content is that there is no underlying code or database exposed to hackers. No more worries about constant security updates and the possibility of someone gaining access to your site, changing content and stealing data. All of the structural code is detached from the site that your visitors see, allowing you peace of mind that your site is safe from intruders.

What is NovaBeam?

NovaBeam is the combination of two internal projects that were developed simultaneously, one focusing on building lean, modern, accessible HTML source with minimal dependencies, and the other focusing on a cloud services stack to ensure that content is delivered with maximum performance and stability.

Why It's Different

We realized it was time to start from scratch and build a new platform using the best tools available right now. What we're doing isn't actually that new — many large companies began moving away from older CMS systems years ago. However, this new development model hasn't been widely available to small- to medium-sized businesses yet.

Why not?

The simple answer is that… starting over is hard. Throwing out your old workflow and going back to square one takes a lot of time and effort to get it right, but we decided it was worth it to be on the bleeding edge of the industry. Now that we've done the hard part, we can help our customers make the move to a more modern, reliable platform that helps their businesses to grow.

What about my old website?

We've built a set of tools to migrate all of the content that you've already built to our new platform, saving on development costs and allowing you to keep the best parts of what you have right now while gaining the benefits of our way of doing things.

Want more info?

Contact us to discuss your current website and to receive a quote on upgrading to our new platform. We look forward to working with you!